1. Study on the key technology of anti-ice for mobile multifunctional offshore platform

    Main elements: The traditional anti-ice equipment of the marine engineering structures in the ice area is mostly the cone fitted on the leg, which changes the ice floe damage from squeezing failure to bending failure, to get effect of ice-breaking. However, no matter the positive cone, inverted cone or the combined cone, they all will cause the ice-induced vibration phenomenon due to the action of the ice floe. Furthermore, the crushed ice climbing and accumulation would also cause a threat to the piles. In addition, the contact surface of anti-ice cone with the ice floe shall be adjusted artificially in the sea area where the tidal range changes a lot. Consequently, the design of a kind of anti-ice equipment, which is able to not only adapt to the tidal range changes automatically, but also reduce the ice-induced vibration, the crushed ice climbing and accumulation, is in urgent need.

Comparing to the other anti-ice structures, the advantages of technology under this study are as follows:

    (1) The cone structure is simple and easy-processed;
    (2) The application of the cone structure does good for ice-breaking;
    (3) The vibration damping system not only can reduce the ice-induced vibration phenomenon, but also can help to break the ice through deformation releasing;
    (4) The components are conventional products which can facilitate the production and reduce the costs.

    The application of this study production will enable the mobile multifunctional offshore platform to work in cold winter in Bohai Bay, because it has the excellent anti-ice function to guarantee the safety of the structure and increases the production profit to make the production of the marginal oil field profitable.

    This study production has been applied for patent.

2. Study on the deep-water submarine pipeline spanning fatigue analysis method

    The vortex discharge on the span surface would cause the alternating stress with the time going on. Under the periodic effect of alternating stress, the vibration will occur on the span. When the vortex discharge frequency is equal or close to the natural frequency of the span, resonance will appear on the span. When the vortex discharge frequency is far from the range of the span resonance frequency, slight vibration will happen on the span. If the span is always under such condition, the fatigue phenomenon will appear, such as cracks, fracture and so on. It is can be seen that the fatigue analysis is essential for the design, construction and operation of the submarine pipeline; therefore, the further study is necessary.

    This study project has been applied for patent.